PCS launches GoFundMe campaign to help Khalsa Aid. 

Khalsa Aid

** Funds are going directly to Khalsa Aid.



Information on local Chicago area shipper for sending Aid to India.

“We are Independent Air Carrier and we are familiar with the shipping of emergency relief medical devices to India. We can offer trucking, export documentation, warehousing, transfer to airline and airline bill of lading. We have preferred relationship with Air India and United Airlines
We have helped various organizations such as Art of Living, World Hindu Council of America, IAHV and others.
Let us know how we can be of assistance at this critical time.
Thank You,
Mitch (Mitesh) Kamdar”



PCS conducted Zoom session to "Aid to Punjabi Community in India fighting against COVID" on May 6th, 2021. The session was attended by representatives of Khalsa Aid, Mission Education, Akal Purkh Ki Fauj, North America Sikh Doctor’s Association, SRS of Chicago and several other Midwest community organizations.

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